How to import Google Calendar Data into Google Data Studio

This article is about how to get your data from Google Calendar into Google Data Studio. If you’re already familiar with Google Data Studio, you probably already encountered the fact that there is no direct connection between Google Calendar and Google Data Studio. Luckily, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It takes just a few extra steps to get the data in there and show your Calendar data into Data Studio.

Google Sheets as a database.

That’s right, the solution lays in Google Sheets. We will use Google Sheets as a database to import Google Calendar data into Google Data Studio. Google Sheets is my preferred database when it comes to Google Data Studio. I prefer to do my business rules and logic in Google Sheets since I find the formulas in Google Sheets more convenient than the formulas in Data Studio. By using Google Sheets as our database, the dataflow consists out of 2 steps:

  1. Google Calendar Data to Google Sheets
  2. Google Sheets to Google Data Studio

Getting Google Calendar Data into Google Sheets

Firstly, we need to get Google Calendar Data into Google Sheets. We will do this using Apps Script. Using JavaScript we will get the data out of the Calendar API and into our Google Sheets Database. This may sound hard, but we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Namely, all you need to do is to change 2 parameters in a script that has already been written for you. Piece of cake. To do this, we’ve already created another tutorial. Which you can find here. After you’ve successfully completed the tutorial, you can continue with the next step.

Connecting Google Sheets to Google Data Studio

Secondly, we need to connect our Google Sheets to Google Data Studio. This is a fairly easy step and can be done in a minute. All you have to do is to create a new data source in Google Data Studio, select the right Google Sheets and there’s your data. Need help? No problem! You are not on your own on this one, if you’re not too familiar with connecting data sources to Data Studio. You can follow this tutorial.

To summarise, all you need to do is to follow 2 tutorials, this will take approximately 30 minutes of your time.

Success! After following the above 2 tutorials, you’ll have your Calendar data in Data Studio. If you still have any questions about how to do this, leave a comment down below here, or on the tutorial pages. We are happy to help you out.

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