How to connect Google Sheets as a data source to Google Data Studio

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to connect Google Sheets to Google Data Studio and how to use the data in your sheet as a source. It’s fairly easy to do since there is a direct connection between Google Sheets and Data Studio. This will only take a few steps, let’s get started!

Connect Google Sheets as a data source to Data Studio

  1. Prepare the data in your Google Sheet that you want to import.
    I often find it very useful to create an extra tab in the Sheet that I want to use especially for Data Studio. The quality of your data determines the quality of the output that you get. Make sure everything is formatted and structured correctly.
  2. Afterward, open Google Data Studio and log in
  3. To start, click on ‘Create’ and select ‘Data Source’
Create Google Data Studio Data Source
  1. Search for Google Sheets and click on it. If needed, click on ‘Authorise’ to give Data Studio permission to import your Google Sheets.
  1. Now you can select the Google Sheet that you want to use in Data Studio. Click on the Spreadsheet and Worksheet you want to use. Optionally, you can deselect to not use the first row as headers or to include hidden cells and filtered cells. Lastly, you could also select an optional range.
  1. After setting up the connection you’ll see the fields of your worksheet. Make sure that all your dimensions, metrics, and types correct so you can import them. When you are happy with the fields, click ‘Create Report’.
  1. Possibly, you could get a pop-up regarding that you are adding data to the report. Nothing to worry about just hit ‘Add to report’.
  1. Voila! There’s your data. Feel free to add some extra fields to the table to remake your Google Sheet.

Thanks for following this tutorial. Lastly, if you have any questions concerning this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment down in the section below, I’ll respond to all of them. Cheers!

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